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HE Blends BV Continues to Make Steady Progress in Its Development, Demonstration and Marketing Test of Hydrous Ethanol for Gasoline Blending (May 2008)

As per May 2008, licensee HE Blends Nederland B.V. (, in conjunction with fuel distributor Berkman Energie Service, began the first market demonstration of “hE15 Biosuper” – 15% hydrous ethanol blended with gasoline -- at some of Berkman’s stations in the Rotterdam and Roosendaal area (see photos below). This limited and closely monitored market introduction is the first time anywhere that hydrous ethanol blended with gasoline has been dispensed at commercial fueling stations. HE Blends and Berkman gained the confidence to proceed with this step following several successful vehicle testing programs conducted by the company, with technical support from the Dutch Government, research institute TNO and the Austrian testing firm SGS Drive Technology Center, and also reviewed by the petroleum company Shell and the automaker Volkswagen.    

Meanwhile, HE Blends is pursuing more extensive test programs in Europe to validate the effectiveness of hydrous ethanol as a gasoline blending component, including confirming the favorable emissions, fuel economy and vehicle operational results of the earlier tests. A proposed engine and vehicle test program to be conducted by FEV Motorentechnik of Aachen Germany, with joint funding by the German and Netherlands governments, is expected to begin this year. Also, the European BEST Program (BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport) is actively involved with HE Blends BV, seeking to advance the commercialization of hydrous ethanol/gasoline blends as part of the program’s overall ethanol fuel development efforts. TNO Automotive will conduct a monitoring and testing program for cars involved in the BEST program. Results will be reported to the European Commission.


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Picture 1. hE15 Biosuper dispenser incorporated into multi-fuel islands at the Rotterdam fuel station.




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 Picture 2. Fueling the standard-gasoline vehicle with hE15 Biosuper in Rotterdam. 
HE Blends Nederland B.V. is conducting the In-use Monitoring Program with hE15 Biosuper customers. 
 new price
Picture 3. A display board showing the gasoline prices at the Roosendaal fuel station.
hE Biosuper is priced at 2 cents Euro below EURO 95 (95 octane number; the premium gasoline).
(note: the prices are in Euros/liter as in October 2009)  
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