BioMotion Tour 2009: 7 countries & 35 cities in promoting biofuels (Intelligent Energy Europe)

BioMotion (November 2009): 

HE Blends BV was participated in the Biomotion Tour 2009 (13 October - 12 November 2009).  This tour is a part of the BioMotion (Biofuels in Motion) project and is aimed at promoting information about biofuels as well as raising the level of awareness about them. The project partners and their regional cooperation partners demonstrated the use of vehicles powered by Biofuels during the tour. Vehicle manufacturers and dealers in the participating countries provided vehicles that were powered by ethanol, plant oil, biodiesel and biogas. Particular activities and beacons in the regions concerned with the production, distribution and usage of biofuels were also involved. The tour was started in Paris and was ended in Hannover. During the tour, the participants visited 7 countries and 35 cities in 31 days....(view the full article)

BioMotion Tour 2009